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Request Loss Run


Request Loss Runs

Insurance loss runs are reports that detail the insurance claims an individual or a business has had during a particular time frame. They are used both as an update for the insured and as an underwriting tool to help insurance companies make decisions about whether to continue writing insurance for the client or not. They are also used to assess the risk level of a potential new client for an insurance company.

Request a Loss Run

You may need an insurer loss run for a renewal, which we can provide. To expedite your loss run request please review our guidelines noted below. We will deliver these reports to you as soon as possible, but turnaround time can vary depending upon the insurer. We understand the importance of getting these to you and will do everything possible to expedite your request.

To request a Loss Run online fill out the form below, or email [email protected]

Guidelines for Loss Run Processing

The following information is required for ALL requests, for each year requested:

  • Correct Insured Name (including DBA's)
  • Correct Policy Number
  • Correct Policy Effective Dates

Request Loss Runs