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Ashmere Insurance Company (AIC) winding down operations and cancelling policies.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is AIC discontinuing business?

AIC was unable to secure adequate reinsurance protection at its June 1, 2018 renewal, and stopped writing new business or renewing policies as of that date. AIC no longer meets the minimum surplus requirement to operate as an insurance company in the State of Florida and has agreed to come under regulatory supervision to facilitate a smooth and orderly wind down of the business.

Will it impact any claims I have open?

If you have open claims for injured employees under your policy, they will continue to be handled until the claim is resolved and closed.

What do I need to do?

You need to replace your workers’ compensation insurance coverage as soon as possible, in no event later than the earlier of the cancellation date on your Notice of Policy Cancellation or the renewal date of your policy.
Contact your agent that was listed on the notice of cancellation you received from AIC, or any licensed agent to obtain replacement coverage.
Typically a new application and copy of your loss history is all you need to secure new coverage. Your agent will have a copy of your last application and AIC will enclose a copy of your loss history with your cancellation notice.

What if I can’t find replacement coverage?

Workers compensation insurance is a highly regulated line of business and each state maintains some form of market of last resort that must take all applicants. Your agent will know how to access this market if you are unable to secure coverage from another licensed insurance company.

Who do I contract with questions?

The AIC website has additional information and will be updated as more information becomes available. You can find the AIC website at:
For billing and collections questions, call CTS client services at (877) 886-4334
For claims questions call CTS risk services at (877) 323-8803
For other questions call AIC at (877) 502-1242

When do I get my return premium?

AIC will only charge premium for the period of time that it provides workers’ compensation coverage. The period of coverage will end on the earlier of the date you replace your workers’ compensation coverage, or the date of your policy cancellation. If you have prepaid your estimated premium for coverage beyond the date your replace coverage, or the date of cancellation, AIC will return the amount overpaid within 15 days from coverage replacement. Note your final premium will be based on your actual payrolls for the period of time coverage was in place.

What is the difference between estimated and final premium?

Workers’ compensation insurance premium is based on the total payroll of covered individuals during the term of policy coverage. On your application for coverage you estimated the payrolls for covered individuals and AIC developed an estimated premium for the policy term. Final premium will be based on the actual payrolls for covered individuals during the term of policy coverage and the job classifications of your employees. Your will receive a premium audit request listing all the information required for AIC to complete the audit and calculate your final policy premium.